For those who want to move around the city independently, car sharing can be a good and comfortable alternative. The service, managed in Rome by various companies, allows you to rent small and handy city cars, to move easily, pass through areas with limited traffic and park stress-free.
Car2go is the world's largest car sharing service, with approximately 14,000 vehicles available. By downloading the app on your iPhone or smartphone, you can find and book the nearest available vehicle. The fleet includes Smart cars with low environmental impact, which can also be parked in restricted traffic areas, except for the area between Piazza del Popolo and Piazza Venezia. Insurance costs are included in the price (
If you want to rent a small Italian car, you can book a Enjoy car. This service features modern Fiat 500, the contemporary version of the small utility cars designed in the 1960s. In the city of Rome there are 503 vehicles, identifiable thanks to the navigation system with GPS and bookable from your smartphone or iPhone (